Issues with Klicky for Voron printers with klipper firmware

Been using Repetier-server pro for many years, it's a great system, have been using UM2 and ender3 printers before, both work great, now added 5 Voron Trident printers, it uses Klipper firmware, after exploring Repetier- The server pro can be well supported, I am very excited, now Klipper and Repetier-server pro have established a connection and can communicate normally, but only the Klicky part will have errors, mainly because using Klicky needs to install a file, which is in The path in Fluidd is home/pi/klipper/klipper/extras, I don't know where it should be copied in Repetier-server pro? please help me


  • Hello. If you used our install wizard for klipper the path will be: /opt/klipper/<Printer slug>/klippy/extras

    Please make be aware that those klipper folders are owned by the user repetierserver and the user pi doesn't have read and write permissions, so you have to copy or modify files with sudo.  
  • Thank you very much for your answer, the problem has been solved successfully.
    But now there is another problem, that is, I want to install a LED effect for Klippy, his URL is
    I tried to copy to the path /opt/klipper/<Printer slug>/klippy/extras, it can only be initialized, it is not complete, so please help me to see how to install it
    thanks again
  • All script does is copy it, so correct copy command would be
    sudo -u repetierserver /opt/klipper/<Printer slug>/klippy/extras
    Then restart klipper in server gui.
    That is all the install script does so should be enough here as well.

    Then you need to configure the plugin correctly, but that should be all from the docs.
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