Temperature graph questions. Is green line the duty cycle for printhead temp?

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Also, I'd not only like to increase the size of the graph but at the same time change it to more than 5 minutes on occasion.  Is this possible?  Can I modify the html somewhere to do this?



  • Green area is power output of extruder (0-100%). Blue is current temperature, purple is set temperature.

    5min is hard coded in backend. We just do not store longer periods. This might change with V2 where we plan a reimplementation of temperatures.
  • Great thanks for the info.  Any way I can enlarge the current graph to see things a bit clearer or no?
  • In control tab top left temperature icon you will see enlarged graphs. On next release this will be directly below bed view.
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    All i see in control under temp is a round dial gauge w/ the current temp.   Above it, it says "Extruder 1".  Wish I could attach a pic.  I'm on server 1.3.0  

    I just realized If I turn the slider ON it works.  I didn't want to do that midprint in case It actually turned the extruder that was on, off..  Is that by design?
  • Yes you can select which graphs you want to see in big. For some printers all graphs are quite a lot. But that is redesigned for 1.4.0 already.
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