push messages

I got the push messages to work, although they wont send when my monitor is sleeping. When I wake the monitor, it immediately sends long after print is finished. I do NOT have the pc set to sleep whatsoever, just the monitor after 2 hrs. ANy one else had this problem?


  • I assume with monitor you mean the display not  Repetier-Server Monitor. Server it self is headless so core has no display anyway and that should make no difference. However sending push messages requires a network, so maybe network device also goes to sleep in this case?

    What os and device are you using?
  • That is correct. the windows 10 monitor goes to sleep so I do not get screen burn. Good idea on network possibly going to sleep. I will look into that. TYhere is even an option if I remember , that "let network activity wake up computer" or something similar. thanks for the idea!
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