Small part, ABS, Interface layer / surface, support material breakaway

Greetings everyone one,
This is my first time on this forum, so bare with me as I learn.

I have a Airwolf 3D HD2 and I am having difficulty with Slic3r and some settings.
I have tried to the best of my ability to use rafts, and the results are I can't peel off the raft. 
I have tried the support only and support material and interface layer / surface must be wrong, because I can not find the separation layer. Secondly the support material has some difficulty in removing. Severe scaring in the interior of the part during removing. 
I would like to learn a method of using a support material that I can dissolve and leave the ABS material behind. I have tried HIPS and as a support - but BLEACH (used for washing cloths did not work).

I would greatly appreciate any help. The file is 20mm x 20mm x 10mm (z axis). The part is 1.5mm thick. 
I do not see a method of uploading files to forum or attach pictures.

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • PVA is the best solution for support/raft I guess if it comes to removal. It dissolves in water. Only drawback is that it is more expensive.

    For PLA you get quite good results if you have a space of nozzle diameter between last support/raft layer and first print layer. It will still stick a bit, but is much better to remove then without gap where everything is glued. And depending on shape of contact is can be harder or not so hard and the underside is not as nice as it could be.
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