Setting up mixing extruder for dummies

I Tried several ways and tut in the net but I don‘t get a working mixing extruder.

Is there a tut for dummies?

I have a geetech A20 T and using repetier with marlin2.?(original from geetech)on the printer.

1. when I hardcore in the startcode I only can print the first object in t1-16. the 2. object will be printed with the 1. realextruder. No visuell display ( after slice) in repetier. 0m on the virtuell tool. When I printed out the first object get the defined toolcolor.( only for 1. object)

2. when I try to print with primetower.aml I‘ve getting a visuell( after slice) display of all color(16 square)with should be printed.( all 16 extruder get meter)

In real… only the first 3 color will be printed real.
All other square getting color from extruder 1.

What I’m doing wrong.


  • Hello. What slicer and what methods do you use to switch the extruders? 
    Could you provide me a example gcode?
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    I‘m using repetierhost with curaengine.

    I just followed the tut from for mixing color.

    I just coded the virtual tool color in the startcode, set color to object 1 , set color to object 2,
    Sliced with curaengine on repetier just all.

    No color changing…( maybe because of switch)

    How to make the switch? I‘m not really good at gcode..( was thinking repetier would done it automatically)…
  • „ you need to set them in the config.h)

    But what I’m thinking right now ( don‘t know if right) but geetech themself only support 5 vtool in the precomplied version..
    But right now I have no possibility to proof it…
  • This method you tried is for repetier-firmware only. 
    However, you can use Geeetechs solution for your machine, see 
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