Running on a pi zero-w. Possible? Advised?

I've been having some issues with my 3 printers disconnecting or just stopping mid print whenever I power cycle one of the other printers or connect/disconnect a printer through the GUI. If I have an M112 and I have to power cycle the "naughty" printer it can interrupt the others and a rescue doesn't always work.

I've also been having issues with the server process being killed off in windows, usually with longer prints.

Now I don't know if this is due to the USB hub that I am using, possible USB cable issues or if my current Windows installation is too crudded out with bit rot and needs a new image blown onto it.

I do have a pi 3, pi 4 and a pi 4 8GB. The pi 4 8GB has a broken SD slot, the slot came off the board and now I can't find it. But it does have the upgraded USB boot firmware. I do have quite a few pi zero w boards lying about. As the topic indicates, can I run Repetier Server on the Pi Zero W? Is it advisable?

I'd rather stay with the Windows 11 install running the 3 printers. I was mainly wondering if I could skip the windows reinstall, use some of the spare zeros I have sitting around. Using the zeros does open the ability to use a touch screen on each printer. But since all 3 printers are right next to the NUC running Repetier that would be a bit of a moot point and would take up more of my somewhat limited bench space. Though building 3 pi zero images and all the associated configuring it would probably take just as long as a Windows reinstall.

You could say this is more of a "What If" question. In the future it would be nice to maybe bring up a new or testing printer. Put a new Repetier Image on to a spare zero, do some test prints and fussing about until I'm ready to add it to the main Print Server.


  • Hello, Repetier-Server should run fine on the P Zero W. 
    Does your Windows installation went into sleep mode while printing? 
  • Nope, I have all "power save" functions on Windows turned off. If I recall correctly, I also disabled USB power save as well. I'd have to double check. (I have that issue with my Logitech Flight Simulator displays, the USB powers down and turns the display off).

    And this is a new issue. I've been printing fine for the past 4 months or so after switching to a Windows OS (more stable COM port configuration with printers that don't have serial numbers. Linux kept changing the com port to each printer on me) So I'm leaning more towards bit rot since one of the instances of YawCam keeps crashing out too.

    It is nice to know that I can use a spare pi zero w if I ever have the need.
  • Those changings can happen if your printers have the same serial Id.
    See here for a detailed explanation and solution:
  • This is the guide that I used when using OctoPrint. Of course, Repetier has much better support for multiple printers.

    The thing is I could never get the symlink to appear. Even when using the USB port # I had issues with the port changing on me in Linux.

    Though reading that article you linked too it looks like I may be able to try something different.

    MY problem lately, and I believe it has something to do with Windows 11 (or the USB hub I'm using), is that the printers are cruising along and then everything just stops. Sometimes the repetier service has stopped and I need to use services.msc to restart it. Then when the printers kick back in I can use the rescue function (The BEST reason why I use repetier other than the multi printer support)

    I may revisit Linux again, but I do like being able to run Macrium Reflect to image my system. I know Linux has commands and utilities to do that as well. But I like the consistency of Macrium across all of my workstations and servers.
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