Where did "Test Configuration" go...

I had a bit of slack time and wanted to tune the USB communications between my RepetierServer and my Printer, but when I went to printer setup, the section for testing different speeds/ping-pond and other things was missing.

My configuration occasionally just locks up, sometimes there is no clue, sometimes there is something in the logs showing a command line got re-sent and lost, and it never recovers from that...

Anyway, what happened to the communications check/test section.

Is there a better way to tune my setting and the RTS type settings...

I am running RS 1.3.0 on a Win10 PC and connected via USB.


  • It is still there. In connection area at bottom you have buttons "Test this config" and "Test multiple configs" which do what you want. Only in wizard it appears automatically in the start, here only after starting the test.
  • Ok... on the version I am running (1.3.0) I can see no test anywhere.   And the Wizards are also missing.

    I went to every config screen I could find, and no "Test" and no "Wizards"

    I looked at Global Settings and at Printer settings

    Can you tell me how to get to a location I can tweak my link from the HOME screen (the little house)
  • It is in printer settings->connection the last 2 buttons ("Test this config" and "Test multiple configs"). At least if you have serial connection method selected.
  • edited June 2022
    Found it!   When I unplugged my other printer and then rebooted it re-assigned the COM port...
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