Printer duet-repetier connection problem

Have duet2 wifi and pi4 loaded with repetier server connected with serial cable,
Thing happening is whenever machine restarts,tha. Repetier doesn't show status of machine and we can't access control of anything,but whenever we go to printer settings and click the autodetect valies from firmware and save ,server works fine until we restart the machine, what's the reason for this


  • Autodetect just uses first serial port assuming you have no other serial devices. It is better to select the correct port.

    Does the port name stay same with printer restart?
  • Yes it stays
  • We need to see complete communication when it starts to lock up to know what is going on. RepRapFirmware is a bit different than Marlin so especially non conformant g-code style might confuse host. Better solution would be to connect with Repetier-Server to duet and then in host use server connector to still access printer via host if wanted. Server has dedicated RepRapFirmware description and definitively also understands commands sending strings, which host does not.
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