How to disable auto drop


To combine multiple STL files for  multimaterial printing, i need to disable the auto drop function.. Can anybody tell me how to do it? 
I did see a description on the website from a older MAc version where the drop function was manual so you could decide not to drop.. This button is gone and every time I click a stl file, it drops it to the plate.... This makes it impossible to work with multi materials......


  • Mac host does not really support multiple extruders. You not even assign an extruder - only the windows host can.
    Mac host is not in development and is replaced by  Repetier-Server which will get a slicer included in the future.
  • that is not what i mean or wrote. I use the windows version but I could not find a way to stop the auto drop...That is the problem... . On that specific example there is a button that does not exist in the latest version I have... That you make completely different programs for MAC users with different functionality, I did not know or could suspect..

    In the meantime I might have found a workaround/solution.. all stl-files need to be in the same object....

  • In windows you must group them together so they use same translation. Just grab the file on the right side and drag it on the other one and they get grouped.
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