g-code disappearing randomly

Hello everyone, 
running server 1.3 on linux. I added some event-dipendent g-code (run on pause, run on connect, run on continue), only to find it disappearing after a few days - without any apparent reason. The g-code never disappears on the first machine i directly imput it in, only on the ones where i did copy it.
Any idea? thanks in advance


  • Likely reason is an error in xml file so saving and reloading fails causing it to restore older version. All configs are in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/configs - so for testing make a change and save and open file in editor to see if changes got stored. You can also check in troubleshooting page after saving if there is an error in log showing an error.

    Did you copy the old xml with replace config in dashboard or just change gcode in printer configuration? 
  • just copied g-code whit copy g-code button to all printers and save changes button
  • That was the important info. Just could reproduce it so it is a server bug. What happens is that the code gets copied and internally stored, but no save config gets called. So unless you have done something else triggering a save the g-code is lost on next restart, which is quite unexpected and not planned this way. We will fix this on next update.
  • so the problem is the save change button in the g-code event dipendend panel only? if i go to each printer one by one and clcik the save change button i will be able to save the config?
  • Yes, if you go to all target printers and save it should be saved permanently.

    For next release or nighty builds it is already fixed.
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