Thank you software develpment guy

Thank you software develpment guys, 1.5.4 is great for me until now.
I just updated from 1.0.6 to 1.5.4. Uninstall 1.0.6 first and install 1.5.4
Until now, it's great.

Here are few features i found:
1, Dial size zoomed to right size (1.0.6 can not show all button, especially the Home and Z button).
2, Dial button disabled when printing. This is pretty handy to prevent mis-clicking on anyone. Only paul or stop button clicked, they will be active.
3, Previously i found that in "reset on connection" printer setting page, there is a bug that is not very compabible with 2 different control boards as i have 2 different control boards for 2 printers. It's fixed. (you might not have experienced that, but it's no longer a problem now.)
4. New cura engine. The engine for 1.5.4 seems better than that in 1.0.6, i'm looking for more evidence.
5, A subwindow at the bottom to show live record. (Can i turn off this window somewhere?)

If you would like to share your findings, pls reply this thread, to make us users more clear about this software.


  • 5. You mean the log? Toolbar has a button toggloe log to turn it on/off.
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