Do you have any roadmap where we can see what's coming on repetier server ?




  • No. In past would only have been proven wrong as we often add some features which are needed or wished for where we say they would be easy to add or very useful compared to development time. All I can say is what next release will contain as we want to freeze and just optimize new features now. So here the current changelog:
    * Blazing fast interactive 3D preview of g-codes.
    * Live 3d view of running print job.
    * 2D preview with different analysis modes.
    * Execute external commands interactively in a terminal.
    * Preview image for new timelapses.
    * GUI improved.
    * Improved printer backup/restore including g-codes, queue, logs and timelapses.
    * Start/stop timelapse in webcam during print.
    * Webcam/timelapse handling improved.
    * Added terminal in global settings for linux and mac systems. No ssh required any more!
    * Added japanese translation.
    * Added possibility to reorder the print queue.
    * Option to disable print queues per printer.
    * Much faster 2D preview rendering.
    * Much faster 2D view in controls.
    * Control tab reworked.
    * Improved bed shape configuration dialog allowing image on bed.
    * Improved handling of local and global printer coordinates.
    * Fixed some server commands not working in some conditions.
    * Fixed some MQTT issues.
    * Fixed some issues with 3rd party push message services.
    * Fixed broken czech translation selection.
    * Fixed model raytracing missing lights.
    * Fixed send pause and ignore g-code for open doors.

  • You see there is much new stuff also in 3d area. These are our first public results of working toward slicer integration. That is the biggest feature planned for near future along with material management.
  • Thanks a lot for this sharing. Do you have any ETA regarding all this features ? 2 month, end of year ?
  • We hope end of may. Most of it is already in nightly build working just optimizing and testing for usability issues.
  • any news on update ?
  • Working on last klipper function and new pi image based on bullseye. Except these all is ready. If you use pi you can try the nightly build already quite safely. So hope next week the test will show no more issues.
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