Resume after power outage ?


Is there a way to resume a print job after power outage?
I just lost power for about 2 minutes, was at 40th hour of a 60 hour print job :-(.


  • If you had enabled rescue and tested/configured it to work correctly on your system that would be no problem.

    Otherwise it gets tricky. You need to make a new gcode that starts at stopped position (a bit unknown if also pc went dark and server not write abort message with last layer). Then heat up manually and moify z such that printer has xy homed and assumes z position from where it stops. Then print the reduced code part. This is actually what rescue mode does help you with as it protocols last operations and can replay temperatures. But requires it to haven been started at print start.
  • Where is the rescue feature located?

    The print head is still at the last location of when power was lost, is there any way to query the printer for head location?

    Thank You!
  • It is in server printer configuration in the rescue tab you can activate it. But does not work after print, only for new prints. Best is to do a test error e.g. unplug usb cord for > 10s and pug in on a small test to see how it works and if it behaves as you need. Every printer has different requirements so parts of it are g-code blocks to adjust exactly to your needs.

    Printer looses position on power loss or reset, so no way to query it normally. Also it might stick to filament now that head is cold. If you can move you might be able to measure how far you can go down, but that is dangerous if your printer makes moves through your print and might even be impossible on some shapes and print sizes, especially with bigger prints and 40h sounds big. You might also try to use our g-code 2d preview and compare last layer with preview using some parts where it is easy to see. Benefit is that you also see the line number and height to start from. you can then download g-code strip start, home xy and set Z with G92 Zxxxx, heat up and then print that remaining part. Maybe you need to heat up a bit to 100°C or so to be able to move without dragging the print with you.
  • Thanks, sounds complicated.
    I will start over again with SD card in the printer, the printer has resume built in.

    I will also start using a battery backup, we have a backup generator, so all I will need is few seconds on battery.


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