Factory filament runout sensor

Is there an easy way of getting repetier server to warn and pause on filament runout reported from the factory fitted sensor....my printers are reporting other information to the server, temps, print progress etc but apparently not filament runout...this would be really useful...this works when printing from SD card so seems like a bit of an omission in repetier...printers are Artillery SW X2 and FL Sun Super Racer...Thanks


  • Please check the console for messages from printer when you run out of filament. At least my Artilllery SW X1 did not send anything when it happens, so no info no warning. As a solution I removed the sensor form artilerry and connected it directly to my pi and read signal my self. Alternate firmware solution with sensor reporting would of course also work. Unfortunately there is no standard and marlin allows many different configs regarding this, so every printer is a bit different.

    As soon as we get a message you can add it in our response parsing events to run filament runout function and pause - if it is not already catched by the multiple solutions/messages we already know and have implemented.
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