Repetier Server 1.3.0 won't allow printing of file

Can't find an error, not sure what is holding up processing. Going to reboot the raspberry pi and hope it corrects. 

  • Repetier Server 1.3.0
  • Raspberry Pi 400 - armhf
Message me an email address and I can share a google drive share permission link to the gcode file.  60MB. 

Nothing showing an obvious error in the system or server log. I also checked the connected RepetierServer used for rendering, no errors in that server log either. It just hangs on the raspberry pi side, though rendering seems to succeed.  Until I delete the hanging gcode files, no other files can be uploaded successfully either. 


  • When you activate log - where does it hang?
    A typical case is M109 or M190 never finishing in firmware (they block until target temperature is reached and stable). So if that happens at start that might be the issue.

    Some firmwares will continue if you send
    as emergency command - so works only if firmware has emergency support compiled in.

  • Rebooting the computer after also running some apt-get updates seems to have corrected it for now.  If you want me to gather info and submit, let me know which info to gather, or we just close this for now as it was probably just... transient, or passing, or one of those words that means like ethereal or something.  

    Maybe we just point out at some cosmic rays, and yeah, that was the problem. 
  • At least it is nothing a update of linux components would normally solve:-) But glad it is working again. I see it as closed since it is an unknown reason so nothing I can work on until we know what it was. If it happens again check in console last commands/responses that might already show what it the reason.
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