Set temperature failed with klipper via WEB Ui

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I'm using Repetier Server Pro 1.2.0 with klipper on a Voron printer.
There is one behavior which is strange:
If the printer is fresh started I adjust the temperatures (bed and hotend) from my desktop via Repetier-Server Web UI. Works!
When temperatures are reached I start the print from the web interface either. Works!
After print is finished, I remove the parts. If I want to adjust the temperatures now again from the WebUI, this does not work. It seems that klipper is not accepting any temperture value from the WebUI or the new values will not be send. Even if I do a firmware restart remotely, Repetier-Server is not able to adjust the temp settings again.

If I start a new print via WebUI (without pre-heating of the printer) the heatup takes place as given in GCode and print starts after reaching setup temperatures. Strange...
Any chance to reveal this issue?


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    Hello Stefan, 
    Strange I can't reproduce it on my system.
    Which Klipper version do you use? Could you tell me the exact process to reproduce your issue? 
    Meanwhile you could try to update the Server to 1.3.0 and give some informations from the log to see what happens.
  • Thanks repetier,
    I will update to 1.3.0 soon and come back with a detailed description if the issue persists.
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