Duplicate Class Implementations

I've been using Repetier-Host on my Mac (Monterey) for a couple of months.  Recently however, if I click the button to change the configs in Slic3r I get dozens of errors/warnings in the log like this:

<Slic3r> objc[18978]: Class wxNSAppController is implemented in both /Applications/Repetier-Host Mac.app/Contents/Resources/Slic3r.app/Contents/MacOS/dylibs/libwx_osx_cocoau_core- (0x10e2999d0) and /Applications/Repetier-Host Mac.app/Contents/Resources/Slic3r.app/Contents/MacOS/dylibs/libwx_osx_cocoau_core-3.0.dylib (0x10d60f9d0). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

and dozens more like this:

<Slic3r> ../src/common/object.cpp(251): assert "classTable->Get(m_className) == NULL" failed in Register(): Class "wxScrollWinEvent" already in RTTI table - have you used IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_CLASS() multiple times or linked some object file twice)?

A pop up dialog then announces that Slic3r has quit unexpectedly.

I've scoured the web, and the forum, for a potential solution.  I've also deleted and reinstalled Repetier-Host.  But the issue persists.
How can I resolve this?


  • Unfortunately slic3r is not really actively developed any more. The available mac version I downloaded last time was not notarized  and could not be included any more.

    Best solution is to install  Repetier-Server as Print server on your mac and install Prusa Slicer for mac to slice your models. They even have an upload function to directly store sliced models in server. Later version of server will include a slicer as well. That way you get a recent slicer and a better printing software on mac (server is working much better compared to host). Plus you can check printer in your network via any browser e.g. in mobile.
  • Thanks for that.  I'll give it a try.

    The part that's baffling me is that it WAS working for a few months (I think it was February when I bought my Geeetech A10) before this happened (about a week ago).  Even now I can still use slic3r from within Repetier-Host to do my slicing/printing.  Works great (and I'd tweaked the parameters to perfection too).  I just can't open up the configuration anymore to change anything.

    I can only guess that Apple changed something in one of their updates to the OS.  I'm not aware of anything else having changed.  :-(
  • Thats the problem with apple. The version I could pack can not be packed any more as they changed policy for signed apps to require now notarization as well.

    Nice thing with Prusa Slicer is that it is based on slic3r also much more developed. But same parameter so just copy working settings and be happy to have a much better slicer.
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