Sending command to other printer on server

I am working on a project where I want to send commands between printers on Repetier Server.

On the most basic level printer 1 is sending a signal to execute a command or gcode file on printer 2. Printer 2 would signal back when complete. 

Printer 2 will ultimately be a 3 axis system to retrieve prints. The actual printer signals it is time for pickup, the retriever swaps the build plate out, and the printer moves on to the next print when the retriever signals it is done.

I am hoping someone has tried sending commands to other printers on the Server already and could provide guidance in the best practices.


  • Inside server you can not send commands to other printers directly, but there are several methods.

    Simplest method is to write a script that sends a command to a printer. Since this is not a frequent request the time is neglible here. So add in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/scripts 2 scripts sendA and sendB the send the parameter as command using e.g. curl to the printer and extend extcommands.xml to include these commands  (not as menu entry but for @execute).

    Other solutions are to add a plugin using our lua module extension that could do this (requires pro version).

    Or write a monitor software with MQTT connection and use our MQTT interface to do so.
    Actually if I think about it, you can use this also directly in server to send commands to the other printer. You need to install a MQTT broker (e.g. mosquito on your pi) which you connect to allowing sending commands. Then use the @mqttPublish server command to start a command on the other printer. If you read the MQTT docs in our manual and you see there are several solutions to couple the printers, even if they run on different server instances.
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