Material settings


is there a way to tell the printer for cost calculation in the gcode or via a seperate group which material he should use for calculation?

Or have I to tell it on every print singularily?



  • Currently you need to select it in summary of the gcode by selecting the material.
    In future versions we are adding a material manager and when you slice using our slicer then, we know the selected material and will use these costs.
  • Would be nice if possible to a comment in gcode, if you are using a standalone sclicer.
  • I was thinking about adding some regular expressions. Will see what slicers exactly output. It is not only to know the material, but also to know which extruder is using which e.g. 1 = ABS, 2 = Soluble filament. Best would be if the slicer adds that in a standard way with the name you gave that filament so we know extruder from slicer and name to associate from filament selection.
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