Possibility to move gcodes to other printer OR change slug name of existent printer

Hey guys,

I have a question. Is it possible to move the already uploaded gcodes to another printer on same repetier server, or is it possible to change the slug name of an already existent printer. The problem is that I am cleaning up my servers a bit, and I am moving to mqtt support. So I would like to use the new slug name or at least a generic slug name in mqtt topics. I changed the name of my printer already, but not found an option to change also the slug name.

Is it even possible, or is there another way around like moving all the gcodes to another newly created printer?

Would be nice if someone knows a way to accomplish this task.

Thank you already for all help.


  • No official solution. Next release can backup printer with gcodes and timelapse included. With that you could recreate printer with new slug.

    For now only solution would be to stop server, rename slug folder and config file (xml file in configs) and check if slug is also set in xml file. Then you can start server again and it would be renamed.

    You can not just copy gcodes. They contain extra files and per printer numbering plus some more places where the group is stored. So you need to download and upload to new printer or use above solution.
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