one click for all printers

hi all, since i have 7 server and 54 printers is it possible to send a command to all the printers i have in one click?, maybe one click per server?
for example, if i want to set all the bed temperature at 60 for all the printers there is a way to do that in a single click?


  • Not directly - it would be very unusual if someone needs same command at the same time plus they do not know each other.

    However, you can use the API and write a script that sends a command via api to all printers. Just repeat sending command 60 times with correct server APIKEY and printer slug name.

    You can then embed the script to a printer @execute command (see advanced printer settings in manual) and make it e.g. sendall so you can run
    @execute sendall "M140 S60"

    To enable all heated beds.
    To reduce typing you can even add a replacement rule so e.g. lines starting with * are sending a command to all.

    Regular expression:

    should then run replaced g-code
    @execute sendall '@1'

    *M140 S60

    would do the same.

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