many resends

I am seeing many resends from my Raspberry Pi server to the Ender 3 printer. I have printed the file directly  from a SD with success but the same file gets many resends when it is sent from the Raspberry Pi server to the printer. It is also prepending an automatic leveling and a preliminary priming path before the code that is appearing in the .gcode. I had tried to add these to the CuraEngin pre code in the gcode section but have since deleted it. I have reinitialized the initical gcode with the option in the CuraEngine with no joy. Does the Repetier Server keep a prefile that may be added? Could it be a handshaking problem between the Ender 3 usb-serial port and the Repetier Server?


  • There are 2 reasons for resends - communication errors and if ping pong is disabed the configured buffe rmight be too big causing overflow of data. Enable ping pong for testing and if it gets better enable it again and reduce input buffer. 127 is normally working good.

    Regarding g-code we only send the g-code you saved in server plus start/end g-code defined in server. So if it gets send it is included in one of these.
  • I resolved the issue. I had put some gcode in the Repetier Host that was to be executed on connection. It was always being executed, on the initiation of a print job. It was not shown in the gcode generated by the slicer. I finally realized this and searched, finding the code I had entered. It apparently did something to the serial line (I don't know what) but when it was eliminated the transmissions went perfectly. Thank you for your response.
  • The start/end code accessed through Repetier Host sends the start code plus 9 other scripts. This does not appear anywhere. This is accessed through the Repetier Host menu config->printer settings. It appears that this script is not passed through the statement compiler that accepts for generated gcode variables like BED temperature.
  • Yes, the scripts in host are only executed if host is the sender. With server connector the server is doing the work and host does not see/execute them actually. So that is why you need to copy them to the server scripts instead. Server has all the scripts host has as well plus some more.
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