Any guideline to add languages in GUI menu?


I just started to use repetier-server and a newbie on the application.
Because i want to have my kids to use them either, i hope it support our mother tong (Japanese).

My question is that if there is any guideline or instruction , i would try by myself to add our language.

I found some file which seems to be for language support in /usr/local/Repetier-Server/languages/.
They are *po and *mo files.
Looking at po files, i guess these are kind of translation files but about *mo files, I have no idea.

Is anyone able to tell me how i can have our language supported by the application?

Thanks in advance!!


  • You need poedit ( to edit a language. When you save they also generate the compiled and condensed .mo file which is what we internally use. Best is to make a copy and rename it to jp.po and then compile and restart server.

    In install dir/www is a file languages.json where you need to add the language so it appears in web interfaces. That is actually all that is required. Only because we never had a japanese translator is the reason that there is no japanese translation. 
  • hi thanks for guiding.
    I tried and it worked well.
    As the po file isnot really small maybe it will take some time to complete.
    Is there any place to share it for the case someone like me need it?
  • Please see PM I just send you.
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