recover work after power outage occurs

as the topic said, it is possbile recover work after power outage occurs?


  • Under some conditions, yes. At least you need to enable the recover option. That way you have at least in server the option to continue near the last command. With power problems last position might not be written to disk and real z position might differ.

    The rest mainly depends on printer and it's behaviour. You can not home after outage so z moves without homing must be possible and xy homing must also be possible.

    The other problem is that keeping nozzle on one place often causes defects or may fix head at that position until it is hot.

    The rescue system allows oyu to set what commands should run on connection start (e.g. reheat bed so object does not fall if if it still sticks) or home xy to move head out of the way - eventually after first heating it.

    Then before continuing you need to ensure Z is at correct height as assumed and you can just continue from a set script position.
  • something like that?

    what do you exatcly mean with "you need to ensure Z"? how i can do that?

  • Yes, also you do not need to set temperatures on connect/procedure. We do that already,

    What I mean with Z is some printers can not move Z without homing Z first. We send G92 Zxxx to set Z to last Z, but if z does not move doe to not homing rescue is useless.
  • i tried to recover printing without temperature code and the printing started with cold nozzle so i put this code and seems to work now.
    the printer seems to homing only x and y when i recover the printing and this is what i need, the problem is that when z motors lose energy they relax a bit resulting in non accurate restarting point but i know this is not a repetier problem.
    when i recover the printing there are two option to choose, 
    las send pos and last acknowledged pos, whis is the best solution?

  • I recommend the last acknowledged pos if there was a power loss of the printer.
    If there is a power loss of the pi itself but not the printer the last send pos however would be more suitable. 
  • ok thx
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