Height false after printing

Hi everyone.

I have a part I want to print that should have a height of 49.9mm... the gcode I'm using was working with octoprint correctly, so the print has exact 49.9mm. But when I use the same gcode on repetier server the part is 52.2mm height after printing and that's a no go, it has to be exact 49.9mm.

I tried already to reslice and make a new gcode, but the same problem appears... any suggestions?

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  • If you enable log you would see that we send the g-code 1:1 so if it is the same as with octoprint it should get same height. Exception is if you have in server or octoprint different start g-codes or substitutions for homing or some G92 Zxxx that change Z. In 2d preview you see layer height - that is z send to printer per layer. Check layer height of last layer of gcode. If printer is calibrated correctly that would be the height you get. At least it is the height we send to printer for z. But any difference in homing z or bed leveling can add such a small difference easily.
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    Sorry for the late reply but I needed some time for testing. I testet the same gcode with RS 1.2.1 and with octoprint and the curious thing is... it was the wrong height with both of them too now but I have some prints from octoprint before I changed to RS and they were correct. So I decided now to calibrate my steps for the z axis and now everything is fine. The second curious thing is... I never changed the steps or any other settings or hardware before. Don't know why my printer do such strange things but it seems that it has his own live.
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