Multi Extruder colour error on 2d preview

I have a Prusa MK3s with an MMU and it's setup with Repetier-Server, which is working fine :)

Have noticed an issue, I was going to print out a multi material print but couldn't remember which extruders I had setup for. I went into the 2d preview to check and noticed the colours in the key under the preview don't match the colours used in the 2d preview image.

In the above screen shot you can see that Extruder 1 is the same but extruder 3 is rendered as a light blue (white in the key), 4 is yellow but white again in the key and 5 is rendered in light green but is the same blueish colour as extruder 1 in the key.

Just thought I'd mention it as seems like something is tagging the other with colour references.


  • I see what you mean. I have already corrected next release to have 5 unique and identical colors.
  • THanks for the quick response!
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