Grinding in x gantry on cancel

Two separate times now I canceled a print before it started, during heat up. Each time the print would cancel apparently fine. But a minute or so later the x gantry does a very odd and loud rumbling noise. It doesn’t appear to be moving, or up against any end stop. It lasts a few seconds. But it’s a very aggressive grinding rumbling sound. Like the servos are oscillating excessively. It’s not a printer problem as I never saw this until using Repetier. I am using an ender 3 v2. Other than this issue everything works well. I am pretty sure it happened with two different code files. And the only gcode in the abort script is the default one. Also I “think” it’s the x gantry but it could be a or the y table. It happens so fast you can’t get to the printer in time to feel which axis it is. 


  • It must be something you(server) send to printer on abort. Does this happen before homing? Then position might be unknown/wrong and crash into something if firmware allows moves before homing. But as I hear it does not move at all. It might also be the move in abort which is so fast motor looses the steps instead of physical moving.

    So first I'd comment the line in abort. Also check console send commands when it happens so you see what got send. Server can not make noises with printer without sending so it must be something that gets send.
  • Agreed. I will look deeper the next time I have an abort. 
  • In the default abort code I added a gcode for absolute positioning before doing the move to x0, y200. My guess is that it was in relative mode when I aborted. 

    ; Sample stop code - modify to your needs!
    M400 ; Wait for current moves to finish, clearing the buffer
    M104 T0 S0 ; Disable extruder
    M140 S0 ; Disable bed
    G90 ; return to absolute positioning
    G1 X0 Y200 F9000
    M84 ; Disable motor

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