davinci 2.0 alignment

I am attempting to align my davinci 2.0 so I can use both extruders. I cannot seem to be able to change the offsets to get the right extruder onto the print bed.


  • Does it have options in firmware to adjust it, or do you do it with offsets defined in slicer? First is the preferred way.

    What is the problem? Not knowing where to change or how to find the correct corrections?

    Normally you do one of the calibration prints and see the error and correct it by adding error to already defined offsets.
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    it is possible to use both extruders. I use the right extruder e.g. as main Extruder and the left as second.. The Original Firmware from DaVinci do it in the same way.

  • If i can help you please contact me.
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