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I had set up pushover notifications and had enabled sending with webcam images. However, I hadn't setup the web cam yet. So whenever the push would happen it would quietly fail since there was no image to send. Nots not the end of the world. However, I had a push setup also for pause and continue. So, when the push failed for those it actually bypassed the pause altogether. This was seen in logs too. That's not good.


  • Although I fixed the webcam setup, and ran a following print that paused correctly, a subsequent print did not pause. So there is something else preventing the server from seeing the @pause. I confirmed that its in the gcode and that its in eth log.


    G1 X101.352 Y71.798 E0.01471
    G1 X101.761 Y71.389 E0.01939
    G1 X101.141 Y71.389 E0.02079
    G1 X100.884 Y71.646 E0.01223

    G1 Z14.680 F9000.000
    G1 E-3.00000 F1500.000
    G1 X98.269 Y116.511 F9000.000
    G1 X97.872 Y116.511
    G1 X97.872 Y121.981


    Send:16:29:21.008: N85482 G1 X100.884 Y71.646 E0.01223
    Recv:16:29:21.050: ok
    Send:16:29:21.050: N85483 G1 Z14.680 F9000.000
    Recv:16:29:21.180: ok
    Send:16:29:21.180: @pause
    Send:16:29:21.180: N85484 G1 E-3.00000 F1500.000
    Recv:16:29:21.197: ok
    Send:16:29:21.197: N85485 G1 X98.269 Y116.511 F9000.000
    Recv:16:29:21.212:  T:229.00 /230.00 B:79.98 /80.00 @:107 B@:60
    Recv:16:29:21.607: ok
    Send:16:29:21.607: N85486 G1 X97.872 Y116.511
    Recv:16:29:21.662: ok
    Send:16:29:21.662: N85487 G1 X97.872 Y121.981
    Recv:16:29:21.690: ok

    whats happening?
    After a ton of debugging I was able to determine that you must have text after the "@pause". If you dont the server will ignore the pause. However, if you run a gcode file that has the text after pause you can then run gcode files without text and it works!
    So, long story short you need text after the pause. The pause isnt that well defined in the manual and I am assuming that its basically text that gets shown to the client.
  • Yes, it is just extra text for user to see pause reason. But it should not be required. Will have a look into this removing the requirement. Thanks for the hint as aI had this still on my todo (checking your issue I mean).
  • Ok found it. Has nothing to do with pause. All server commands are ignored until a flag is set, which happens e.g. with a second parameter. So for 1.3.0 solution is to add in "Run on activation" printer gcode event dependent script to add:
    @getip {{1}}

    Then all following commands should work including empty @pause.
  • Thanks. 
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