MMU(2S) - Customizable color sets (3d/2d) view

Hello team,
I have all printers with MMU upgrade, I am printing in color mostly, but also using different materials for printing.
I would like to request customizable color sets (eg 10 sets and each set is fully customizable) and ability to assign them to the Gcode / 3mf file. During the generation of file it should also include the information about color used as well their respective numbers. I am attaching a file with such info (it is just an example, I am not very good in graphics)


  • For the 3mf file this makes no sense. These are unsliced and it is not predictable in which colors they will be used later. You would then need to define all colors during upload and decide then which you want - very impractical and time consuming.

    For the gcode files we have some plans. We want to introduce color marker so that when they are present, the renderer will use the selected colors from slicing. This will first work with our slicers, but if other slicers add color information readable for the extruders we then want to detect them as well. If none are present, they will of course be rendered with default colors again.

    For the upcoming live 3d preview we will most likely use material manager colors when that module is finished, so it shows with colors currently loaded then and would also allow showing a comparison before print to see if colors are ok.
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    Thanks for the update.
    Anyway I think 3MF from the Prusaslicer contains color per model already, so that I thought you can use. At least it works for me when I open 3mf file within Prusaslicer everything is set correctly including colors I set before.
  • Yes, they can contain color informations from slicer settings. But we convert them for faster viewing to rmf files format that does not store that. But we will see what we will come up with. After all we are going towards slicing quickly now so also adding all the stuff needed.
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