Adding to desktop - name only "Website"

Adding Repetier Server as Favorite to android desktop by using Firefox button "install" creates a desktop shortcut named "Website" and it cannot be renamed. Is there any possiblity to change this?
On the following photo you can see two shortcuts on the right page which were created with an older version of Repetier Server. The "Website" was created by Repetier Server 1.3.0



  • Just tested and when selecting add to homepage firefox asked for the name to show. Can't change it later as well, but I'm no android expert.
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    For Repetier Server the menu inside the Firefox browser is named "install" while a regular web page is displayed by "add to desktop" ("zum Startbildschirm hinzufügen" in german). I am not asked to enter a name and have no possibility to change it. I guess Repetier Server has some special kind of appearance in browser, maybe due to the websocket  or progessive web application thing. i think there must be some default attribute to give that application a name. What does Repetier use for this?

  • When I open the ip:port I only see "Zum Startbildschirm hinzufügen" just like for every website, which is ok since server is just a website. PWAs must use https and serve a manifest and we do not meet any of these criteria. It also does not work without connection which is different to real PWAs.

    What does your link look like?
  • might this belong to my https proxy? i am using nginx to provide Repetier Server by https only. I never use encrypted connection
  • Just tried https proxy from pi image and it still was "Zum Startbildschirm hinzufügen" which asks for the name just like direct ip with port 3344 without https. Plain firefox 97 just downloaded from Google store.
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