Connection Lost during print.

I have multiple printers running on a dedicated desktop hat has all shutdown or sleep options disabled. It's been working fine, but today all 3 printers are halted mid print. The server page never closes but now has a connection lost pop-up. I can't click on anything below my toolbars and it is still connected to the internet. How can I fix this?


  • That sounds like a crash.
    Could you make sure the process is running and provide us the server and system log?
  • Sorry I haven't responded. It's happened again. Last time I had already reset everything. This time I've not touched anything yet. Still new to all this so I'm not sure where to get the logs from. Also is there anyway to save the prints? I was 4 days into a 6 day print on one and I really need this out the door and too the customer
  • There is a rescue system you can enable to allow continuing started jobs. But you really need to test this first as it greatly depends on the printer what printer does on reconnect and if it can move unhomed (z axis). Also if it stops on some point it might burn a hole in the plastic during pause. On big prints chances are good it happens on infill and not visible area. There are also some options to continue if usb was just disconnected for a few seconds that you might try (just unplug usb during test print and reconnect within 10 seconds if feature enabled). If printer does not reset on reconnect this works in such cases. Was developed mainly for pi connected printers where linux likes to disconnect usb on power issues.
  • I have rescue enabled but it seems that it is finicky at best when it comes to when I get the option. Just came down to the same issue again today. My computer has all sleep and power down modes disabled and only uses a Screensaver.

    The server page says "Connection Lost" "Oops! I lost my connection to the server. Trying to reconnect." Anything below the toolbar is grayed out but I can refresh the page. However doing that or trying to open in a new tab results in a "This site can't be reached" page. I end up having to restart the computer.
  • That means the server is not running any more. On which OS and device type are you running the server?
    Does server.log (available in printer logs) show anything?
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