control "folder" is empty

On main site are four tabs: Print Control console and webcam
and I have empty control folder -> no buttons for control printer
printer is connected normaly.


  • Am new to Repetier-server and had same problem. Found that issue was caused by not having any extruders configured.
  • It is planned to be empty if printer is not connected (green). 

    @tangsoodo3d No extruder should not stop it. Will check why this also is possible.
  • no .. i have "green"  printer and print control is empty 
  • edited September 2015
    if i dont have control panel - i cant setup HB temp and HE temp .
    ??!!   AND I HAVE PRO ver. of REP. server ..   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what i can do with rep server ?  :  send 3g code to server and start print - i cant do anything  when i printing i cant change temps, i dont see eny info from printer !!!!!!! where is problem ?? 
  • Did you check your configuration if you have a extruder defined, like tangsoodo3d suggested?
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