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Dear sirs

I wanted to install and buy Repetier Server mainly because the system can handle the webcam as it seems. Every application can use the default Logitech webcam but I can not find out how to use any USB Webcam on Repetier host. If only a IP camera can be used (espacially with manual configurable url) the Repetier Server Webcam feature is not useful. On the page its advertised like:
Monitor all your prints via webcam – no need to wait at your printer anymore. Several webcams can be set up per printer simultaneously for maximum control.

I have several webcams. None is detected in printer settings > webcam.

How to get webcam running?


  • You need a software providing the webcam stream as jpg or mjpg and enter the url in the webcam section in server. Our pi images contain e.g. mjpg_streamer preconfigured in a way that it autodetects new webcams and offers them at the bottom to copy url to settings.
    you find docs how to solve this for different OS.

    In  Repetier-Host if you connect to server with preconfiured webcam you will also see the webcam there. 
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