Resume print on z=0 ?

I want to print a portion of the gcode while starting on z=0. 
How could it be done?
Just start from the layer 12 but print on bed at zero.


  • Normally you can not print at z=0 due to close distance to bed. But G1 Z0 F600 moves to z=0. Just why would you do that after layer 12 and not when you are down at layer 1? That is inherently dangerous if you cross or hit parts already printed and can damage extruder or printer. Also you need to restore position before going down when you continue.
  • Here is what I am trying to do with 3d printing.
    I have a vector graphic file, just lines. I want to print these vector lines/splines as they are with a single pass of the extruder.
    What I have done so far is sweep triangular profile on all of my vectors in Artcam and save it as an stl and let the slicer software do its magic but then slicer treats the stl as a solid.
    In one of my tries I got the stl sliced pretty nice but it builds a 4 layer raft or base, then on top of it begins printing the actual lines of the drawing, so I wonder if I could start the job from the part that actually matters to me and print it from the zero Z so to speak.
    I would attach a photo of my bestest print so far but I dont see how to do it here.

    Thank you for the help though, really appreciate it.
  • Ok, so all you want is print the borders of a stl file? That is actually pretty simple and just needs correct slicer configuration. Important setting to make solids hollow and only print walls:
    - Number top/bottom layers must be 0
    - Infill density 0%
    - Select number perimeter like you want. One turn or 2 or 3.
    - No raft required on most printers

    Make solid as high as you want printout.

    No tricks required.

  • Would you mind telling me the slicer you are reffering to? 
    I dont see those options in slic3r
  • slic3r, prusaslicer, cura all have these options. Just naming and position varies. In slic3r they are in print settings tab.
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