FLSUN SR filament sensor - usable with Repetier Server?

Does anyone use FLSUN SR with Repetier Server and has the filament runout sensor working? I tried to look into it and it seems to me that I actually need to use another firmware than stock. I tried filament replacement manually - hit the pause print, the head goes nicely away from the object, replace the filament, hit continue and that's it. The only thing is I had to sit at the printer at the correct time.

I can see the status of the filament sensor (1 or 0) when I ask for the printer status (do not remember the g-code now). But if I understand it correctly, the printer should be sending some message automatically (it does not seem so). Is there a workaround asking for the status of the switch? It is pretty close to the extruder, so it would have to be like every second line and that does not feel right.

The firmware is based on Marlin and there should be source code available. How would one enable the filament sensor sending a message to the serial port?

If a pause event is hit, will it send a message through Repetier Informer? Is it possible to set it like that?


  • I did another try after some time. The printer stops, but when checking the log, the buffer starts overflowing and gcode is being lost until the filament is changed. There was some issue with extrusion after that, but before I noticed the printer stopped, I lost something like 3-4 layers and continued printing in the air.

    There was no notice of the printer doing an M600 in the log (should it be there?) Is there anything I can do about this?
  • If firmware sends no message the server will not be able to know. So solution is to reconfigure printer firmware to send a message in that case or if you are using a raspberry pi you can also wire the sensor to the pi so server can monitor the signal and start filament change on trigger. See online in docs->gpio  there is an example for a sensor configured as filament sensor.
  • Thanks. I will look into it deeper and maybe try one of the alternative firmwares. I am running 4 printers via a HP T620 thin client.
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