FLSUN SR filament sensor - usable with Repetier Server?

Does anyone use FLSUN SR with Repetier Server and has the filament runout sensor working? I tried to look into it and it seems to me that I actually need to use another firmware than stock. I tried filament replacement manually - hit the pause print, the head goes nicely away from the object, replace the filament, hit continue and that's it. The only thing is I had to sit at the printer at the correct time.

I can see the status of the filament sensor (1 or 0) when I ask for the printer status (do not remember the g-code now). But if I understand it correctly, the printer should be sending some message automatically (it does not seem so). Is there a workaround asking for the status of the switch? It is pretty close to the extruder, so it would have to be like every second line and that does not feel right.

The firmware is based on Marlin and there should be source code available. How would one enable the filament sensor sending a message to the serial port?

If a pause event is hit, will it send a message through Repetier Informer? Is it possible to set it like that?

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