Mach 3 for repetier host

Are there any plans to make Repetier Host compatible with Mach3? I have used various boards in the past, Panucatt, Pibot and Ramps. All of them had problems with reliability. I now want to try Mach3. I have bought a board with inbuild 3.5A stepper drivers and it comes in an aluminium extrusion for shielding and protection. Temp control for the bed and extruder is via external separate temp controller. I can slice a Mach3 G-code file with Slice3, but Repetier host has no Mach3 option in the drop down menu yet.


  • What should this Mach3 option do? As far es I understand it is a software package to control CNC directly without firmware. Repetier-Host just sends gcodes to a printer that can handle gcode. Mach 3 should simply read the gcode and execute it. But I do not own Mach3 so I don't know what it can and how it works.
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