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I have a question regarding gcode groups.

Currently I’m uploading from PrusaSlicer to a printer (I have a few but all behave the same) and I can see my slices gcode in the appropriate group. I can then print the file with no issues at all. However when the print is completed the file has been removed form the selected group, it’s been deleted.

I’m assuming that this is not the correct behaviour of groups as printing that file again is not possible and realising and uploading is the only way.

Have I done something very silly with my setup? Have I the wrong permissions set somewhere? Any help would be gratefully received


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    Hello, currently I can't reproduce this issue. 
    Which button are sou using? If you using "Upload and print" it not get stored in the group but rather added into the print queue and started directly. 
    Does this issue also happen if you upload the gcode manually?

  • Hey, I have been using the 'Upload and Print' mainly. I have noticed that my backups are not increasing in size by much which and lead me down this rabbit hole.

    I have my Repeater-Server folder stored on an ext. SATA Hat (sda1) which is mounted at boot as /mnt/diska the Repeater-Server folder is linked back to /var/lib and the original Repeater Folder is renamed. I have the permissions set on /mnt/diska/Repetier-Server... as repetierserver:root.

    Every thing is working fine and I although I have had some annoying hardware problems it been very stable and it's been up for some time now.

    I'm sure that I have misconfigured something by relocation the Repeater-Server folder but I just can't find it.
  • Sorry I didn't understand the question. What is it that you can't find?
  • > Hey, I have been using the 'Upload and Print' mainly. 
    That is not storing into a group. To print g-code must be stored in print queue and jobs there get deleted after print is finished. For permanent storage select a group and not the direct print options. I think that option in PrusaSlicer just selects the print queue where groups are ignored.
    You can then see the file in the group and print from there in our gui. This will just make a copy for printing and keep the original.
  • I upload a gcode file to any group. I then print it as normal but on completion of the print the gcode file has been deleted. I can then no longer view or find the gcode file. I can see from the history that it’s been printed but the gcode file is no longer in the groups
  • In prusa slicer I am presented with two choices, upload and upload and print. I also have a drop down list populated with my groups. I can choose which group to upload to.

    If I understand your answer above upload and print just put the file in a temporary print que but upload put the file in to the gcode group?
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    I have run a coupe of prints this morning and the 'Upload' (from PrusaSlicer) adds the Gcode file to which ever group I choose. Then printing the file does not remove it from that group. The opposite is true for the 'Upload and Print' from PrusaSlicer.

    Now I understand the difference but I have to ask why? Would it better to have all uploads from PrusaSlicer for example, remain on the Server and for me to manually remove what I no longer need from Repetier-Server? Rather then realising I need to re-print the 'Upload & Print' file only to find I have to reslice etc. and then re-upload it for printing?

    Or am I still not understanding the workflow correctly?
  • We have 2 queues as you now understand. One is temporary and one not. With the checkbox you define where it gets stored, that is how it is implemented in PrusaSlicer. You can increase count in print queue if you want to print it several times, then it only gets deleted when count gets 0. Default is one print. But as said it you want it permanently do not select the print option in PrusaSlicer and it is fine. Name is maybe misleading but it uploads just not to permanent queue and then prints the temporary file. So you have to decide store and print later or print and delete.
  • Yes it’s confusing alright. I thought the convenience of being able to upload and print was time saver. How and where can I increase that count and what is it’s maximum limit? I feel that upload and print would work better for me than upload, open browser, open url, open printer, select print, select group and then print. Maybe the function of the two option would work better if they were reversed, upload becomes the temporary queue?
  • I have found the count now. I need to spend more time with Server and tweaking my workflow I guess.
  • Yes, gui allows a lot so some learning can make it more easy. Problem is here more that PrusaSlicer just uses a faction to just upload or print, so a bit limited. But controlling the print is also not the target of PrusaSlicer, so that is ok.
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