Installation (OFFLINE)

What to do when I get errors installing the soft:

Win setupRepetierHost_2_2_2.exe, aswell -_2_24.exe

Could you please give me a good advice?

Thanks a lot

Bei der Installation der oben genannten Versionen erhielt ich Fehlermeldungen.

Beim Start auf die Ikone ebenfalls (die wurde auf dem "desk" generiert).

Was kann man tun um erfolgreich diese Software zu installieren (offline natürlich) ?



  • Depends on the error you get. Most likely you need to disable server installation as server gets downloaded during install and that is not possible offline. Can be installed independently later if wanted.
  • Hello, sorry but I only downloaded the prog. from the homepage with my LAPTOP, charged it on an USB-stick and swapped to the PC, I wanted to work with. That PC goes never online!

    After on, I started the installation. There is no other choice to make a different installation. The installation went wrong. But now, is there a download anywhere that could realise this installation offline?

    Is there an URL that you could tell me that I have to visit to get this download?

  • Please make sure that you uncheck Repetier-Server during installation like here:
  • Hello, thanks a lot.

    That’s what I did, but the problem wasn't solved.

    I tried to enhance on this place 2 files without success.

    What must I do to enhance this 2 files to show you the errors?


  • Use e.g. to upload images. You can not upload files to forum directly.
  • Access to images is protected, thats why I suggested imgur. Or make files public in google drive you posted.
  • You're right, sorry. I think I need an adresse (that I have to enter for the picture and the file in google drive) from you to give it free for you.
  • I set the picture and he pdf free. I think that must be ok now.
  • Yes, I can read it now. Did not think of .NET not being installed since it is installed by default since windows 8. Install
    or any newer .NET version and installer will skip this.
  • Thanks a lot, I'll do that and keep you informed as soon as it will be done.
  • I downloaded the prog., but the moment I swapped it on the USB-stick, I got informed, that several part couldn’t be copied, so that way can’t be a success. I have to try another way… Might be that I calibrate with my LAPTOP, but I shall not work with it. I never work online!

    Whenever I had to work online, so I had to find another solution.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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