Bed zero to be readout zero?

edited February 18 in Repetier-Host
Is it possible to configure the printer so I get the readout of 0x0 on the corner of the printer bed?
My home switches are setup so the nozzle is not over the table, they are  x,y (-33,-8)
In the host app if I set up Home X to -33 and Home Y to -8, after I press home X it will home, set readout to -33 but when I jog the printer by manual control and press say 1mm in X it will go in -X direction and slam the limitswitch and stop, subsequent presses of 1mm X will drive the extruder in the correct direccion, is it a bug or?


  • As said in other thread, coordinates are determined by printer not host. So you need to reconfigure printer it self to change coordinates and make 0,0 left bed edge. How depends on firmware and might even require you compiling it on your own with changed configuration.
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