Firefox ESR blank page after upgrade

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I upgraded Repetier Server Pro to v1.2.1 from 1.0.4 (via the autoupdate function under the settings menu) today and after that Firefox ESR displays just a blank screen when connecting to localhost:3344.
The touch version works and if I switch to the Chromium browser everything works normally so it is not a critical problem.

System is a RPI 3B updated to latest software versions of the Stretch distribution. System as well as other Repetier Server functions seems to work OK but I am testing this further.

Has anybody else experienced this or similar?


  • How old is that ESR release? Also we do not use brand new features for design we also do not only rely on 10 year old techniques, so we use flex box and grid for example. Testing on current Firefox 96 all is working fine so far.
  • I updated the entire system yesterday before update of Repetier Server. I also removed Firefox and reinstalled it again because of the blank screen problem. An Apt search shows version 52.9.0 which is very old by now so it seems that the RPi repository does give us a very outdated version. I will try finding the procedure for installing the RR version directly from Mozilla. Many thanks for your support.
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