Filament Sensor in GT A10M

I have RepetierServerPro running on a RPi3B connected to 3 GeeetechA10M Printers and a Tenlog tl-d3 pro
Both printers have default filament sensor, but when I print from RepetierServer, this functionality does not work
Is there a way that they work when I print from Repetier?s


  • It depends on the printer firmware. We need a signal from the firmware so we can trigger the filament change routine. A correct response would be e.g.
    but there are several printers that do not write anything (activate logging and make a test triggering it - any message that you get on filament out can be easily made into a pause with our firmware response parsers you can define in printer configuration) and then you need to change firmware to send a message or connect sensor directly to e.g. a pi where server runs so we see the signal. 
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