Repetier Host V2.2.3 ETA problem

Hi, I have been using Repetier Host Software for about a year with no problem, In fact I have found it extremely user friendly. However, after up-dating to the latest version V3.2.2, the ETE counter goes wrong. E.g. A print that slices at 2 Hours to start, changes whilst printing to 4 hours, then again 8 hours. With an actual time left of about 30minutes, the ETE shows 10+hours.
In Printer settings, add to comp. printing time is set at 8%. Can you please advise, Thanks.


  • Ignore it at the moment. We already found why and it will be fixed in 2.2.4 coming soon together with new PrusaSlicer 2.4
  • Thanks for the prompt reply, I will await the 2.2.4 revision.
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