Define Printer Limits

Hi all,

I copied a g-code to my printer and it always claims, that the printer limits will not fit.

I found this discussion, but it seems, it's not the same issue like mine:

The following security question is displayed when I want to print the g-code:

According to your defined printer limits, this print will not fit inside your printer. Print anyway?

Print X 0.00..201.76 0.00..200.00
Print Y 0.00..214.16 0.00..200.00
Print Z 0.00..98.85 0.00..260.00
Move X 0.00..201.76 0.00..245.00
Move Y 0.00..214.16 0.00..245.00

On the printer settings, I defined the X,Y and Z values, but the X and Y values are set on "Move", not on "Print". The Z value is set on "Print Z". How and where can I set the "Print X" and "Print Y" values?



  • The print values must be covered by your bed definition in printer settings. This bed must be inside move area defined in general tab where also z range comes from. From the response I see that your defined bed shape has only 200x200 mm while print goes until 201/214 so you need to readjust bed size.
  • Ah, great. Didn't think about this.... I adapted the bed size and now it looks good!

    Thanks for the hint!
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