Group Management of Prints

Low Priority items:
Server: 1.2.1 - Web Interface

to make your Group Management on the front screen useful
1) we need to add a column to list the group of each print.
Otherwise you can't identify between two uploaded items with the same name.

2) Items on the "all" list should be able to be assigned to a Group and removed from a Group  


  • 1) You mean when viewing all? Otherwise it would not make sense as they are all in the selected group anyway. And even then you can select summary to see the group.
    2) They are in summary.
  • Yes but if you upload to all, you can't seem to assign a print to a group ! That is the point I was raising, so that you can organise print jobs better. Assignment to a group can only be done when in the group and uploading into the group. It should be more flexible.
  • Ok, never use all for uploading since I can not set group. But guess it will assign default in that case. But will test as that should at least happen. But you can change assigned group any time as I said when you select summary. In the top the group is a dropdown allowing it to change. Monitor also has a more comfortable way to move multiple files to other groups.
  • I can not find the Monitor screen you are referring to - can you provide clearer instructions where that is please ?
  •  Repetier-Server Monitor is a desktop viewer bundling multiple pro instances and can be downloaded here:

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