I have Repetier Server Pro 1.2.1

I can not see any of my M117 commands on the HDMI display plugged in to the PI, nor in the windows app.

The display does work, and I see all of the rest of the info.

How do I turn these on?



  • M117 is for printer firmware controlled display only. If you want to see a message box in server gui use e.g.
    @info Some message

    They will show until closed. You can also use our dialog boxes so you can make a function that closes previous message if that is what you need.
  • Can you please point me in the right direction for setting up dialog boxes? I would like to close previous messages with a function.
  • Easiest would be to define a function in event "Printer activation" like

    @func replaceableDialog message title
      @dialogHide {{ global.replaceableDialogId }}
      @dialogStart "{{ local.message }}" "{{ local.title }}"
      @dialogShow global.replaceableDialogId

    On first save deactivate and active printer to run the code so function is known. Then you can call anytime:

    @call replaceableDialog "My Message" "My Title"

    Which deletes the old dialog and opens a new one with latest message so dialogs do not pile up.
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