Filament / Costs in Report

Hi all,

as I'm new here, first of all: Hello to everyone! :-)

I'm using Repetier Server Pro 1.2.1 and in reports, the calculation of the filament is always zero:

Filament 6165 mm => 0.0 cm³
Costs 0.43 EUR

I already read a bit here in forum, but couldn't find any similar discussion... Does anyone else have this problem?

I also read somewhere, that I have to set the filament type which is in use. Could it be connected to this? And if so, where can I set the filament type?



  • I will have a look into calculation. filament to 0 volume is not correct independent of filament type.

    You can set it in summary after uploading. If not selected the first one is taken.
  • I checked it again and it's solved now. The problem was, that I didn't define an extruder for my printer. Since I added it, the calculation is working correct.

    One more question: What is the purpose of copying the g-codes to the printer? Why not print it directly from my project?
  • At the start there were no projects only g-code. Plus in g-codes of printer we know the printer so we can render g-code image and compute printing time as info. Projects are not associated with a printer and were not really meant for this. Only time showed users did also store g-codes there so we added the print function for better ease of use. But since it is not associated with printer we can render and compute time here. No deal if you only have one printer but with several different printers this can become important.
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