Progress bar WAY off.

I have two Repetier Servers running, both 1.2.1. One is on a Intel i7 Linux box another is on an RPi4.

The server running on the Linux box the progress bar is way off. Just starting a print the progress bar will report 30-40% complete though NO layers have gone down.

Though the RPi is reporting accurately. The Linux box WAS running 1.2.0 but I just updated to 1.2.1 to see if that was the issue since the RPi was already running 1.2.1. Even after the upgrade the Linux box is still reporting inaccurately.


  • All versions use same code and same time estimation. But near the start is the prewarming g-code for extruder and bed that can be a long period depending on what speed you set in configuration. As soon as these are send the time is subtracted also printer is blocking until they are executed. That causes a big time jump at the start and for short prints this can also be a big error source if calibrated incorrectly.

    There is a wizard in tools to measure heating and cooling speed of your printer to adjust them. That causes the complete time to be better (also it does not update old gcodes time - it gets recimputed at print start for time prediction). Of course the quick difference once these slow commands are send will stay.
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