Slic3r not using Repetier parameters

I've upgraded lately Host V2.2.2 and Slic3r 1.30 and now when I click on Slicer instead of using the Repetier selected files it launches the Slic3r window which defaults to totally different files.  Also the location on the build plate is ignored and it always puts it in the center. 

Previously that Slic3r dialog never showed up unless I clicked on Configuration.  Why is Repetier using "Sic3r_settings.ini" when I have "Print Setting", "printer settings" and "Extruder-1" already set up in Repetier?

What do I need to do within Repetier to go back to the old way without launching the slic3r dialog box?

10:15:59.304 : Slic3r command:C:\Program Files\Repetier-Host\Slic3r\slic3r.exe --load "slic3r_settings.ini" --print-center 100.00,100.00 -o "composition.gcode" "composition.amf"
10:15:59.320 : Preferred name from WaveGen66-140T-0_5M-P1 to WaveGen66-140T-0_5M-P1
10:17:08.345 : <Slic3r> Slic3r installed in a loclized path. Using an 8.3 path: "C:\PROGRA~1\REPETI~1\Slic3r\"


  • Just tested with newer 2.2.3 and it worked as expected. Command line was
    08:34:52.123 : Slic3r command:C:\Users\littwin\Documents\Projekte\Repetier-Host\src\RepetierHost\bin\Release\Slic3r\slic3r-console.exe --load "slic3r_settings.ini" --dont-arrange -o "composition.gcode" "composition.amf"

    You see while you had --print-center explaining the centering I had --dont-arrange so I guess in manager you have set version not to 1.3.0 or higher where the don't arrange option was added.
  • I do have it set to 1.30 or higher.   I did upgrade to 2.2.3 and that banished the Slic3r dialog when I clicked on the Repetier Slice with Slic3r button. 

    A different and somewhat random problem is still the usage of the correct .ini files.  I have a PETG and a PLA filament configuration.  The PETG has a filament temperature of 235 to start and a bed temperature of 80.  The PLA starts at 205 and drops to 200 while the Bed starts at 70 and drops to 65.  For some reason,  no matter what I did, Slic3r continued to use the PETG temperature even with the PLA was selected.

    I don't know if it's fixed but what I did was Export Config Bundle.  Then delete the PETG and confirm that slicing now only created 205/200 degree extruder.  I then Imported the Config Bundle I had just saved.  PETG was back but now I can switch between filament types and get the correct temperature. 

    My guess either the bundle.ini file was somehow corrupted or what Repetier passed to Slicr3 was unknown and it chose by change the PETG every time.  Perhaps it had something to do with upgrade from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3?
  • We can not handle config bundles. Only slic3r does so. We go into the filament folder and every file is a filament config. The contained settings get blindly copied to the ini for the slice. Only real solution so we do not need to interpret all upcoming and often changing list of parameter form slic3r. We just need to know which are for filament as they go into array per extruder.
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