Could a corrupted file make repeater crash windows 10?

I have this file that I'm getting print and I'm stuck trying to get it to work, I tried 3 times on two different PCs and after 120-200 layers of 375 the pc just crashes and everything goes to hell...

The object was sliced on cura using same settings that I have used before without problem, the only difference it's that I save it directly to the removable media this time instead of saving to my main PC SSD and then copying it to USB drive for use in the dedicated PC.

Could a bad file (corrupted while been created from the start or corrupted by a failing USB drive while reading code) can cause repeater to crash windows (not only the app becoming unresponsive but even forcing windows to restart to recover from crash)?


  • Hello. Could you provide us the file so that we can test it on our systems?
  • So you are printing from sd card with host just monitoring progress? Unlikely to crash a pc - it is not a driver or other os integrated part, so host it self might crash but you would just see in windows that it crashed.
    What can happen is that the serial driver in windows it self crashes, but that depends on the driver not on host. You would then normally see the blue screen of death. Here an updated serial driver might help.
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